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Vincentian Volunteers are a group of young people aged 18-35 years, who spend one year with us serving vulnerable people in local communities.

Our Story

Our Story

We are Vincentian Volunteers - a group of young men and women (aged 18-35 years) from all over the world, who commit a year of our lives to the service of vulnerable people, in the spirit of St Vincent de Paul. 

We are a christian based community, living three or four to a house, from where we go out:  to children who are visually impaired, people who are experiencing homelessness, those suffering from addictions, and other forms of poverty. Our own development is nurtured by a planned programme that allows us to grow spiritually, emotionally and professionally.

This year is an opportunity for us to deepen our relationship with God, and to grow in understanding of ourselves and others, especially those who are poor.  We live simply, having only a basic allowance plus our travel and living expenses. The programme is supported by many organisations who have been inspired by the spirit of Vincent de Paul.

The story of Vincent de Paul has inspired millions of people throughout the world and the Vincentian Family is still growing.   The Vincentian Volunteers are a young wing of the family, formed in 1992, in Langbank, Scotland, by the Daughters of Charity.   Since then more than two hundred young men and women have given of themselves to vulnerable people in Glasgow, Hull, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Newcastle. There are a variety of different services, and always the challenge to find those most in need.

Since 2000 The Vincentian Volunteers have been part of the Vincentian Millennium Partnership, an umbrella organisation set up to foster networking and collaboration among those organisations in Great Britain that are influenced by the spirit of St Vincent de Paul.